SIMRAN Villing
For Public School Board Trustee WARD I


We are all unique in our own ways. Whether that be due to race, language, sexuality, or gender. This includes those with disabilities as well. Therefore, it is imperative to foster an environment in our schools in which children not only feel welcomed, but one in which they are eager to be involved in. We must also not forget the importance of acknowledging that we are on Treaty 6 territory, and we must strive to infuse Indigenous history and perspectives into our classrooms.

Safety and Welfare

Every child should feel safe, welcome, and supported in public schools. That means ensuring anti-discrimination initiatives that actively engage and listen to diverse perspectives to fight discrimination against BIPOC, and LGBTQ2+ students, families, and staff. Furthermore, it is essential that the children in our schools be safe from the threat of COVID-19. This means advocating and ensuring that safety protocols remain in place until it is no longer necessary. Additionally, stronger supports need to be implemented to aid those with disabilities as well as matters related to mental health.


Having lived most of my life in Edmonton and being a recent graduate of the Edmonton Public School System, I understand the challenges and hardships students face on a day-to-day basis. I believe in ensuring success for our future graduates, and to do so we must endorse research driven practices to look for innovative ways to support the needs of our students as teaching practices evolve within the classroom. One such way is to incorporate new technologies into classrooms. This also means encouraging increased funding for all areas of education, especially for those in our most vulnerable student demographics. I will defend the high quality of education children receive throughout Edmonton by lobbying against the new curriculum proposed by the Government of Alberta. I plan to do so through gaining insight from a broad range of teachers, community members, and curriculum experts to build a curriculum inclusive to the diverse group of students and teachers within our community.

That’s why as your School Board Trustee I will:

  • Actively support increased funding in all areas of education, including our most vulnerable student demographics.
  • Maintains a safe and bully free environment for our students.
  • Voice the importance of diversity by building strong relationships with our teachers, support staff, and community.

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